Aurora Viewing Lodge

Relax and enjoy our Alaskan Aurora viewing lodge, complete with a warm fire, indoor bathroom, aurora videos for entertainment and a large variety of snacks and drinks. Spend your time waiting to see the aurora in cozy comfort. Our professional staff photographer will help with all photography questions, camera setup, and we will even take photos of you with the aurora.

$100 pp
• 3 nights for $250 pp
• Pick ups will be between 9:00PM & 9:30 PM Return to your hotel by 3:00 am
• Free camera setup to get the best photo possible with your own camera
• Free use of our tripods.
• Large modern uncrowded viewing and photography lodge with unlimited free snacks and drinks.
• Various tree lines and backstops for excellent Northern lights photos.
• Meet our world famous Alaskan Malamutes.

All Night Aurora Viewing

This is a great option for those looking to take advantage of every aurora viewing opportunity. Also perfect if you are flying out of Fairbanks the next day and don’t want to pay for a hotel for only a few hours of use.

• $150 per person
• $ 250 per person All night viewing and Dog sledding.
• 9:00pm -9:30pm pickup from Fairbanks area hotels Return to your Hotel or 9:00 am.
• This is NOT a hotel or Bed and Breakfast, it is an extended Aurora viewing trip. Expect to spend 10-12 hours on this tour.
• Stay at the viewing lodge for the entire night

If the Weather is unfavorable at 8 pm on the night your tour is scheduled and the forecast shows the cloudy weather continuing, you have 3 options.
1. Join tour as planned and hope for the best.
2. Reschedule for another night.
3. Cancel and request a refund.

Camera Rental

Canon available:
o $50 with basic lens
o $70 with upgraded wide angle lens
o Bring your own SD card or purchase one from us for $10

Professional Portrait Photo Session

• Session duration will depend on group size, aurora activity, and demand.
• Price TBD …

Swing Season Aurora Tour Hours

Because of extended daylight hours in Alaska, late spring and early fall Aurora tours will have adjusted pick up times. During these swing months, we recommend the All Night Aurora tour, Pick up 10:00pm and leave lodge for hotel at 7:00am to maximize your chances of viewing the aurora with our limited night hours.

•Recommended All night tour $150 per person
•August 15 – September 15. Pick up 10.00pm from Fairbanks Hotels
•March 15 – April 15. Pick up 10.00pm from Fairbanks Hotels