Dog Sledding

Experience more than just a dog sled ride; enjoy a trip to a real racing sled dog kennel. Join world-class sprint dog mushers. Jason and Amy on real training runs. Meet their 4-legged athletes and learn everything you want to know about Alaska’s state sport.


• $120 per person
• 10-10:30am pickups from Fairbanks hotels
• Go on a 5 mile training lap
• Kennel tour
• Time to visit and take pictures with the dogs
• Return to hotel between 1-2pm
We are open all the time for rides. We use the vehicle that best suits the trail conditions on any given day. We typically switch to sleds around Thanksgiving and we typically switch back to wheels just after Easter. If you schedule a sled and the trail can not support a sled, because of poor snow conditions, we will use a wheeled vehicle. The same goes for a scheduled wheeled ride where there is too much snow and we must use a sled.
Even MORE fun . . .
Combined Dog Sledding and Chena Hot Springs Tours
Enjoy a memorable tour in a real race dog kennel with world-class Sprint dogs followed by our scenic and relaxing Chena Hotsprings tour.
  • $250 per person minimum 2 people
  • $235 per person groups of 5 or more
  • Prices Include Hotsprings, AND Ice Museum tour
Full Day Tour. Hotel pick-up 10:00am, followed by Dog sled tour. Drive to Chena Hotsprings, leave Hotsprings at 8:00pm arriving back to your hotel around 9:00pm